garage door installation manteca ca

When Robert Perez was 14, his family owned a residential landscaping maintenance business. One of their clients was the owner of a large garage door company. The owner liked the Perez family and their quality of work so much that he decided to hire Robert's step dad. In turn, Robert worked along side his step dad and became well-trained as an installer.

Robert Perez became an official employee of that same company when he was 18. Since then, Robert has been trained by several master craftsmen in the industry to expand and fine-tune his own skill set and attention to detail.

garage door installation manteca ca

-Robert Perez, Owner and Operator

"I think my biggest asset, besides my expertise, is my connection with people. I thoroughly enjoy my interactions with my customers, and vice versa. I don't just show up and quickly do my job. I take my time to make sure to do a thorough job and often enjoy a good conversation with these folks in their homes. My specialty is always keeping in mind that I'm in someone's home and help my clients feel comfortable with me being there.

Honor, integrity, respect and professionalism with a hint of familiarity. And my customers can always rely on me to be on time and deliver as promised."